Chanroeun Pa’s Quotes

I like collecting inspiring quotes and create my own quotes too.  Some quotes are priceless wisdom to live by.  And I believe that a few inspiring and sincere words can make a big different to a person’s life. The following are my thoughts on some aspects of life. It is my great privilege to share my food for the soul with you. These quotes are the products of the interaction with many of friends on Facebook and my reflection during the time I am doing my Ph.D.

1. A few inspiring & sincere words can make a big difference on a person’s life.

2. A good leader is a servant who has no a master.

3. A simple way to manage your anger is to think about its consequences.

4. Be humble and helpful so that you will be helped.

5. Blood is thicker than water, but it doesn’t really help you with the dehydration.

6. Cambodia has enough resources for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.

7. Companionship is an ingredient of life.

8. Don’t believe a person because of his/her words, but also his/her work.

9. Don’t follow only your heart, but also your head because it can ensure you the right direction of life.

10. Don’t live with the past, but lean the past for a lively future.

11. Don’t mix up between personal and professional life even though they start with the same “P”.

12. Don’t think of problems as difficulties, but think of them as taste of life and opportunities for action.

13. Don’t turn the Valentine’s day into a vulnerable day.

14. Education is one of the basic needs of mankind

15. Education makes a full man.

16. Even though you are half paid, don’t work with half of your energy.

17. Fixing a problem is more important than finding someone to blame.

18. Follow the best, but don’t forget to learn from the mistakes of the worst.

19. Forgive, forget and move on so that your heart can have more spaces to store the coming treasure of life.

20. Four paradigms of human knowledge explain the reasons people often disagree with one another.

(1) I know, you know.
(2) I know, you don’t know.
(3) I don’t know, you know.
(4) I don’t know, you don’t know.

21. Good attitude is a catalyst of change.

22. Happiness can be achieved through the cultivating of the mind.

23. Happiness is not found, but made.

24. Having an idea is good, but having an ido (doing it) is better.

25. I am not interested in how many people have been converted or converted themselves to this or that religion, but how they covey the precious of this/that religious principles/ teaching for the betterness of their own lives and humanity.

26. I am sure you know what I was talking, but I am not sure if you understand what I meant correctly.

27. I began my spiritual journey from Buddhism to other ABC… religions and finally I reached my destination in Buddhism.

28. I can’t become more successful because I haven’t done my best.

29. I have found that if you smile to life…life will smile to you back.

30. Ideas and information are food for thought, but not all of them are edible; therefore, please choose the healthy ones and make sure that you can critically digest them, otherwise you will get sick.

31. If life is suffering, your main task is to create joy.

32. If you can distinguish between ‘friendship’ and ‘friendcheap’, ‘relationship’ and ‘relationcheap’, then life will be more beautiful.

33. If you can distinguish between love and lust, your dream of a beautiful life will be fulfilled.

34. If you can’t find what you need, create it.

35. If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, please teach him the same tricks but in different ways.

36. If you don’t learn from the past, you will lose terribly in the future.

37. If you think too much, you think nothing.

38. If you wish and then you work, your dream comes true.

39. If you work half day, don’t work with half of your energy.

40. If you’re not part of the solution, don’t become a part of the problem.

41. It is a terrible thing that some people have tried hard to impress the person whom they don’t like but not the ones they adore.

42. Learn from the best, digest with your ground and grow the seed of your life.

43. Learn to manage your life otherwise the lie will manage you.

44. Learn with passion and live with compassion.

45. Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing… so share this with whom you consider a friend.”

46. Life opportunity is limited by your own imagination.

47. Listening skill is an art of living; however, we sometimes forget to listen to ourselves.

48. Looking back to move forward.

49. Love what you’re having and be struggling to have what you love.

50. Love your nation, but don’t hate your enemy so that the world will be more peaceful.

51. Many people have given too much value on what they are driving, but not so much on what driving their lives.

52. Mind your thoughts, they become your words.
Mind your words, they become your actions.
Mind your actions, they become your habits.
Mind your habits, they become your attitude.
Mind your attitude, it becomes your everything.
Be mindful in every moment of life.

53. Our country’s success is your success and vice-versa.

54. Our destiny is built on our daily habits.

55. People should not be respected by only the higher education they pursue, the status and the materials they possess, but also the content of their character.

56. Reaction is good but proaction is best.

57. Reducing poverty is not only about increasing productivity and income, but also enabling people to realize the need for their well-being and opportunities to express and make choices about their lives.

58. Right speech is the seed of a fruitful communication.

59. Start a day with a lovely smile and say good night with a sweet kiss.

60. Stop searching for love, peace and happiness elsewhere, but within because you are the source of them.

61. Stop worrying, starting working and moving life forward.

62. Teach your kids or students not only what to think, but also how to think critically and creatively and how to apply it into day-to-day living.

63. The absence of ethics is the birth of evil.

64. The beauty of life depends on your own design.

65. The end of training is the beginning of the practicing it.

66. The future of Cambodian will depends primarily on the quality of the education that her people obtain and I hope that everyone will not only learn to know, but also to do, to be, to live together and to make a better change.

67. The greatest risk in life is…never taking one.

68. The mistake of the past should not be repeated.

69. The more you give some love, kindness, peace and mutual understanding, the more you gain.

70. The secret of success of every person who has ever been successful is the habit of doing things that the losers don’t like to do.

71. The seed of faith is love and the seed of love is service.

72. The success does not really depend on doing different things, but also doing the same things differently.

73. The will of the leader determines peace and prosperity of a nation.

74. There are many tastes of thought on life, choose the one that is healthy.

75. There are two groups of challengers within everyone of us: love Vs. hatred, right Vs. wrong, positive Vs. negative, compassion Vs. envy etc…, and the winner will be the one that you feed the most.

76. There is a destiny but I believe in self-determination.

77. There is a truth within and behind a criticism.

78. There is a wise woman behind a successful man and vice versa.

79. There is no ‘low self-confidence’ in the dictionary of success.

80. There is no best camera can store our good memories like your heart.

81. There is no shortcut to happiness in this world but struggling.

82. Thinking and acting positively toward life are the biggest challenges in my life. But I have never given up.

83. This is my valentine’s day reflection: Everyone is hunger for love and appreciation everyday; therefore, don’t feed him/her once a year.

84. To Cambodia you are just a person, to foreign persons you are Cambodia. Be a good Cambodian.

85. To young Cambodians: Be the source and vehicle of love, but not the victim of the valentine’s day.

86. What you are” comes from your parents but “what you will be” comes from within.

87. Whatever you do, do with all your heart.

88. Wisdom can be understood by wisdom.

89. Worry makes you worst.

90. You are what songs you listen to.

91. You don’t need superpowers or millions of dollars to change Cambodia or the world and even save lives, but doing good things for both yourself and others everyday.

92. Your peace of mind depends on the quality of managing your attachment and detachment to thoughts and things.

93. There is no free lunch but a generous one.

94. Pleasing words make peace.

95. There is a saying ‘good neighbour makes a good wall’ but in reality it seems like good neighbouring countries do not exist in the world.

96. What lies in the past life and what lies in the next life are just tiny matter compared to what lies within this life.

97. Leave the stress of work at work; otherwise, it will be horrible if you bring it home.

98. Don’t make yourself lonely but lovely.

99. There is a truth within and behind a criticism.

100. There is no ‘low self-confidence’ in the dictionary of success.

101.Be humble and helpful so that you will be helped.

102. If you ask for forgiveness, do more than apologize.

103. There is no winner in the war but the loss of lives and properties.

104. Be helpful but not hurtful.

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